Navigating Your Child's School Policies and Services

As a former elementary school teacher, Ms. Conitz knows how difficult it can be to navigate the intricacies of the school system.  We are here to provide advocacy and support for students and their families.

Services for Special Education

Individualized Education Plans (IEP) ensure that your child receives specialized instruction and related services in school when they have a learning disability.

Not sure how to best advocate for your child when you think they might need an IEP?  We can assist you in starting the process by requesting any required initial testing.  We can also review an IEP before it is put into place to ensure that it meets your child’s needs as well as complying with the law.

If your child does not qualify for an IEP but still needs help, a 504 plan is an alternative you can consider, which also can provide accommodations and modifications in your child's learning environment.  We can assist you in advocating for this plan.

Discipline Issues

If your child is frequently your encountering disciplinary issues at school, it often can be a symptom of other issues in the school environment.  We are available to help you work with your child's school to identify the root of the problem and position them for future success.  We also offer support for manifestation determination meetings.